Poppy Cat

Poppy cat

I became thoroughly bored with Bath as a back ground for the Bath exhibition.   I planned to put yet another exquisite and highly recognisable landmark behind the cat – and then simply lost interest.     I was also desperate for some colour.   The pale colours of England just don’t work for me.  So here is Poppy Cat, with no connection to Bath whatsoever.

There was some confusion.   I was told the exhibition started July 1 and headed down here.

Wrong.   The exhibition actually opens this weekend.   We set up tomorrow.   Not a train smash.   The sun is shining.  Pimms in the garden garnished with home grown ‘cumber, mint and strawberries, just for colour, is not to be sneered at.

I am a tad off balance.   I undertook the paintings on the misunderstanding that all proceeds would go to the Dog & Cat Charity who are hosting the exhibition.   I filled in the forms yesterday and discovered that the artist nominates the amount donated to the charity and keeps the balance.   Minimum of 10%.   I immediately said I would donate 100%.   This went down like a lead balloon.  Everyone shouted at me.   (I hate being told what to do).  Apparently if I donate 100% to the charity I will create chaos.   Make all the other participating artists look miserly.

Okay.   I comprehend.   I will donate 20% of any sales, as instructed ( If I manage to sell anything) and not rock the boat.   If there are any proceeds I can always make a private donation and satisfy my  own   conscience.   I’m really uncomfortable with the idea of using the charity for my own benefit.

BTW, made a quick visit to the Cat & Dog Sanctuary today, dropping off  the exhibition stuff.   These places always tear my heart up, but if I was an abandoned dog or cat there are worse places to end up.   Some of them even have lounge suites to snuggle up in.

Will try and get some pictures to post.



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9 Responses to Poppy Cat

  1. adinparadise says:

    Love your Poppycat. Yes, I can just imagine how horrified the other artists were at your 100% altruistic intention. 😀 Good luck with the exhibition. xx

  2. Gunta says:

    Shame on you for wanting to give it all to charity! 😦 (how uncharitable of you???) What a perverse world we live in. And, yes… I love the poppy cat. I love poppies, but best of all I like your paintings.

  3. colonialist says:

    Colourful background indeed for the kitty!
    I certainly wouldn’t stress about a bit of benefit coming to you from the paintings. After all, they are a lot of work indeed, and you have done more than your share of no-return-so-far stuff WITHOUT any benefit to a good cause! 🙂
    I have actually been considering linking to some of the charity fairs, as others do, on a percentage donation basis. Win-win. The creator and the charity both benefit, and it is fair because one provides the goods and the other the venue and those sales wouldn’t have happened without the combo.

  4. footsy2 says:

    You have a valid point Col.

  5. Arkenaten says:

    The thing with charity is if you bankrupt yourself, you cant help charity.
    Therefore the richer you get the richer they get and hopefully one day such organisations will be in a position to help themselves.
    If they need cash to survive so do you….
    And the more you make the more you can take time to paint. Then one day you can auction a single painting for thousands —-for charity.
    Weird logic but it works..it really does.

  6. 68ghia says:

    Hope you do well Footsy!!

  7. optie says:

    Love the poppy cat footsy, hope the exhibition goes really well.

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