The Caprivi

Ian and Solveig, very old buddies of mine, are on an adventure. I’m loving following them via this blog. Thought you guys might enjoy it to.

iansolveig's Blog

On the tar road again.  Wonderful, beautiful scenery en route. Stopped for lunch on roadside – chicken jaffels – sooo good!! It’s amazing what you can create with not much (ok so we did have mayo, sweet chilli sauce salt and pepper.


Late afternoon we arrived in the “Garden of Eden” – N’gepi on the banks of the Kavango river. Wow, thank you the Zouties ….
and John and Lynn Rich!!

Loved all signage on the way in – 2 × 4 route for Landies!  We used those!!


OMG! The Royal Throne – toilet with view, Fish Eagle bath overlooking the river……..


Floating swimming pool built with wire mesh to keep out the crocs.


Sign – no urinating while swimming, could be in your coffee next time!

Deck over river – decor made with mokoros – tables, bookcases,  bar counter etc.  


Musical instruments hanging up in centre of…

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2 Responses to The Caprivi

  1. colonialist says:

    I love the toilet humour!

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