Talk about living vicariously. I’m loving this.

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Borders are the worst nightmare. Touts by the hundred! One very well dressed, well spoken dude (in neatly ironed, clean blue shirt with St. Joseph Collage badge on pocket) told us to be careful and ignore touts. Helped us with where to go and to which counter. It takes time. Papers had to be filled in twice-they needed originals. Paid US$20 for import of car and US$5 for road tax. Visa not required by SA Citizens. We were through! Very quick and easy.

By magic well dressed dude appeared again. Told us we needed third party insurance (we knew that) Said he would show us the office and took Ian to a room with a broken signboard lying on the floor with an insurance company name on it. The office was empty. Not to worry, he could supply us with the necessary documents. Ian asked the rate, it was $75…

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  1. colonialist says:

    With good reason – glad I followed it up!

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