As I see it

Hola bloggies 🙂

A few weeks absent and all is changed! Thought my blog spot had been hijacked but now I see it a new format – thankfully have options and can return to the one I recognise.

So. Have been thinking on terrorism.

Here, in not so merry England, the terror threat level has been raised from ‘substantial’ to ‘severe’.

Welcome to the club.

Think I was about twelve years old when I first became aware of terrorism, c.early sixties. My English teacher, one John Harris, Hyde Park High, was hung for the Johannesburg station bombing. The struggle against apartheid. I always sat in the very first row in class – worked out that it was the kids who sat in the back rows who got all the attention. I have a clear memory of yellow hairy legs, which he would scratch vigorously, under his desk. He never attempted any political indoctrination. Come to think of it, don’t remember learning much English either.

I remember grabbing a burger at a Wimpy Bar, with staff searching under tables with metal detectors. I remember not being able to enter a shopping center without having my bag searched.

I was in ‘toti when they bombed the shopping center. People I knew died. (Pussycat aka 2lips was there too – we know the reality).

I’ve subsequently met a guy who was seriously injured in the beach front Durban Magoo bombing. Terrorism is real to me. I’ve lived with it forever.

I don’t see that my homeland, South Africa, right or wrong, is a happier place than before.

It doesn’t effect me now. I live quietly, writing, painting, whatever. But I have grandchildren. Isn’t it time someone stood up and said all this p.c. stuff simply isn’t working?

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7 Responses to As I see it

  1. colonialist says:

    PC in the context you are using doesn’t work indeed, PC generally is a pain in the googlies. My feelings on that:

  2. Terrorism for whatever cause can never be condoned. I’m sorry about your English teacher’s cruel fate, but if he meant to kill innocent people, then he could only expect the worst punishment. South Africa is definitely not a happy place at the moment. So much anger boiling over. I do hope that England will be kept safe from these terrorist threats.

  3. Pussycat44 says:

    I think terrorism is the new WW3, just a lot of separate wars in different parts of the world. Hopefully it doesn’t boil over into one big war.
    I remember the bag searches and looking suspiciously at just about everybody who was in your vicinity. Life wasn’t much fun then and still isn’t now, but we make the best of the situation.

  4. Ruth2Day says:

    It seems to be everywhere these days. I’m not sure how governments are going to end it, if indeed they ever will. The tragedy being the innocent lives lost.

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