Up the garden path …

Hola Bloggies. It’s been a while …..

Spring is in the air and I am attempting to reinvent myself (for about the 100th time). Am now newbe volunteer at local charity shop (aching back). Learner gardener and weed puller supreme (aching back). Wannabe photographer (back to the manual) and best of all, learning to be good Grannie.

I think about blogging excessively. I write dozens in my head. And can never make a decision on which to tackle. So, with relief, I do something entirely different. There are currently plus minus 160 blogs waiting for me to read. And because I love you all, I will do it!! Yes, yes. I will.

So – follow me up the garden path…

I finally found an insect to attempt to photograph (insect???).  I had to google the word Macro to find out what it meant.  I also went out and bought Sluggem.  Hopefully they will not provide further photo opportunities. I am also readressing the camera manual from page 1.


You’ve met Rockin’ Robin, who sings in the tree tops all-a- day long …. He also hangs about the door, yelling at me if I am slow to feed ….


This is the Chaffinch who has become a regular visitor.  He wasn’t easy to photograph. always on a mission at ground level – never still for a moment.


And then the Dunnock.   There are a pair who have taken up residence – also not easy to photograph for much the same reasons.  But I finally got him :-).

starling 1

The Starling is a pig who can polish off the entire day’s offerings in one short sitting.  I’m trying to identify the various bird calls.   It doesn’t help that the Starling has three or four calls of his own, plus mimics the calls of a dozen or so other birds.

ruffled feathers

I like the collared doves.   They will pose.  And ignore me if I am pottering around…. Think if I devote a bit of time to it – they will get around to feeding from the hand….


The Goldfinch has only visited once – and not to feed.  He is busy nest building – I was really lucky to get the shot.

And that’s the lot for the time being.   The Magpies (Blues Bros), Mr & Mrs Black Bird, the long tailed Tits and my absolute favourite, the Wren, are regular customers, but refuse to sit still for a photograph.

I lie.   My absolute favourite birds that visit my patch are these three, who also refuse to sit still, come to think of it.   My Grandbabes.

all 3


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24 Responses to Up the garden path …

  1. colonialist says:

    Grandbabes are lovely! And birds everso tweet!
    Don’t buy pesticides – they invariably work on the wrong things as well! For slugs and snails, the old idea of a saucer with some beer (you won’t miss a couple of mouthfuls) works a treat.

  2. Pussycat44 says:

    Lovely post and pics, footsy.

  3. Gunta says:

    Love the great shot of the grandbabes in action.

  4. Sonel says:

    Such a colourful and lively garden you have there Footsy. The grandbabes are adorable. 😀 ♥

  5. cocoaupnorth says:

    It is difficult to photograph flying objects but you’ve done a sterling job with these birds. Where are the photos taken, UK or Spain? Difficult to keep up with globetrotters too:-), I always get confused which side of the world you are blogging from.

  6. Arkenaten says:

    ”Up the garden path” indeed!
    Never, ever seen a goldfinch. You are lucky.
    Smashing photos.

  7. The Grandbabes are lovely. Mine are coming to visit soon. Slugs are so disgusting. I remember my mom used to put salt on them. That collared dove is really pretty. Good luck with the new ‘job’. 🙂

  8. teacupbliss says:

    Lovely pictures! Often tricky to take pictures of birds – you’ve done a great job!

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