Four & twenty blackbirds…

black bird

In truth, only one.   But can’t get the rhyme out of my mind.  So now I can take Mr Blackbird off my list of visiting birds to capture.   Also on my mind is ‘Pack up all my fears (?) and woe.   Here I go, …… …. (?) Blackbird, BYE BYE’.   (AD your help is needed here).   Not that I want our Blackbirds to go – just the opposite in fact.   They must bring their babies to our table so we can make friends.

One of these fine days – and they are way too fine currently.   ‘April showers bring forth flowers’. (?)   It hasn’t rained in weeks and weeks and they are already talking about drought i.e. no watering tiny patch with hose pipe. No problem for me.   There is no garden tap or hose pipe, for that matter.   Every morning sees me hauling buckets of the H20 from the kitchen.   Excellent.   Exercise is part of my ‘reinvention’ plan, which I might tell you, is going reasonably well.  Touch wood.

Where was I?   Oh yes.   One of these fine days – I shall progress from basic presentation to attempting arty farty photography.

But not just yet.


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8 Responses to Four & twenty blackbirds…

  1. Pussycat44 says:

    It’s very pleasant to have birdies visiting ones garden. Looking forward to your “arty farty” photography 😉

  2. Arkenaten says:

    In that case you might want to consider a new blog theme – one more geared toward photography.

  3. Gunta says:

    You’re doing good with the photography so far.

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