It has never occurred to me to hang a mirror in my garden. I woke up on Friday morning with the tattered remnants of a dream – dappled sunlight filtering into a dark corner, reflections in a mirror. I wobbled off to work and there it was. The mirror.  Bought it, knocked a nail in the tree (felt a bit guilty about that), and here it is:

best mirror

Not much more I can do with the garden now – except to water, feed, talk to the seedlings and beg  them to grow.

Still no butterflies, but today, a brief encounter with what I believe to be a bumble bee:

bumble bee

Have a lot to learn about macro photography but it’s a start.

The bird restaurant continues to do well.  Rockin’ Robin is a constant companion.   He serenades me as I potter….


The Starlings, who are also regulars, have introduced their kids.   We have become a family restaurant.

feeding 2

Have a splendid evening y’all.  TL has gone climb about in some French mountains for two weeks, sleeping rough, and left me all alone (sniff :-)).  I shall treat myself to a ready made ‘slow cooked STEAK and Ale puff pastry pie’ and then, slowly (very slowly!) sipping brandy shall indulge in 3 episodes of ‘Spooks’ which I adore.






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15 Responses to Update

  1. What a brilliant idea! You’ll have the best groomed birds in England. I wonder what they’ll make of it. Your bee macro isn’t half bad. Sounds like you’re really going to enjoy your bit of solitude. 🙂

  2. colonialist says:

    On reflection, that was a good move.
    Our freeloaders have guzzled about 1 Kg of seed in two days. THAT, I can’t afford.
    Your macro looks pretty good to me, and I love your friendly robin.
    Why aren’t you clambering up and down French mountains and sleeping rough? It would make the pie, brandy and TV all that much better on your return!

  3. colonialist says:

    P.S. Occurs to me you steer clear of French mountains because you don’t like their foreign ascent! 🙂

  4. Gunta says:

    Agree with Sylvia about the brilliant idea! Have your freeloaders noticed it yet? Your solitary routine sounds so much better than clambering up mountains. Enjoy!

  5. cocoaupnorth says:

    Your garden seems lovely and inviting with those beautiful birds you captured so well. Hope Jack the Dandy soothed you to sleep:-)

  6. Wonderful photos–especially the mama and baby starlings! (I have a mirror in my garden too.) Thanks for the update, Footsy. You have a beautiful garden!

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