Something to crow about

Crows are non too popular hereabouts. Something to do with eating baby birds. As we don’t have any baby birds in the immediate vicinity (TL’s bird box has been steadfastly ignored) I haven’t had any problems with them visiting the garden. In fact, I’ve been rather thrilled to welcome them, and we save special treats for them – chop bones, steak gristle and so on.

My favourite is definitely the Jay. He’s a cautious soul and this is the only pic I have managed so far. Mostly he lurks in the background, waiting to hit the bird table unobserved.


The Jackdaw is a newcomer to our restaurant and I was thrilled to spot him.   It’s always exciting when a new bird appears.


The Magpies, on the other hand, have been hanging around from day one, although it took me forever to get a reasonable photograph.   Over the months they have become more confident and provide me with much entertainment.  One actually huffed at me the other day – telling me quite clearly I was in his way and to shove off.

Bad magpie

My newest customer is not a bird at all.  Meet Strause, the Field Mouse.

Strause Mouse

It took him all of half an hour to get used to me.   He now comes and goes without batting an eyelid.

Strause Mouse4

Unfortunately, as far as the crows are concerned, he’s top of the menu.  I have provided him with the equivalent of a private dining room – he gets his snackies behind some pots – nuts, bread, seed, and as a special treat, peanut butter.  I am hoping this will keep him out of harm’s way.   Finger’s crossed.   Can’t ride shot gun for him all day long.

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11 Responses to Something to crow about

  1. Pussycat44 says:

    Lovely garden friends!

  2. Gunta says:

    You’re turning into quite the wildlife protector. It’s way more fun getting to know these wild creatures than television.

  3. colonialist says:

    Strange that the bird box hasn’t been swarmed at. Ours was an instant hit from the opening performance onwards.
    While there I fear I never saw
    A bird like that there shy Jackdaw!
    The mouse is too, too kewt!

  4. Arkenaten says:

    These are cracking shots! I have never even seen a Jay let alone had the opportunity to photograph one while I lived in the UK.
    I love the blue-black pattern on the wing. Reminds me of a liquorice all-sort!

  5. Dear Footsy,
    Thank you for introducing us to all your friends! I’ve never seen a jay like that, and Strauss was very cute! It’s fun to have little creatures to watch and get to know to the point where you can even interact.

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