I have a new friend. She introduced me to her much loved horse.
Manny 6

His name is something complicated in Arab speak, which I have forgotten.   He is known as Mannie.

It’s over two years since I picked up a paint brush – but Mannie is very beautiful.  So, more out of guilt (unused paint drying up) and limited desire I decided to give it a bash.Mannie

I’ve painted dogs and cats, but never a portrait of a horse, or a person, for that matter.   It was  almost my undoing.

I could not get that glorious shade of chestnut right.   Ginger, if you like.  I painted from a digital photograph, which has the advantage (?) of enlarging.   Damn.  I was counting his nostril hairs, every swirl of hide, and attempting to replicate them.   In pure frustration I came seconds from plunging the bread knife into the canvas and carving it up.  I didn’t.  Knew I would never make another attempt.  I over painted, returned to the absolute basics then walked away, with the uncomfortable feeling that the painting was unfinished.   And never would be.  Don’t have it in me.

My father, amongst other things, was a serious portrait artist.

Granddad Vic

He painted people.   Presidents and politicians.  He was driven to paint.  The days, weeks even, I spent as a child and teenager, sitting still for hours on end, so he could paint. When he couldn’t coerce a sitter, he would paint himself.

This compulsion probably explains why he was a bit odd.

Not me :-).  I am blessed.   Hardly ever an overwhelming desire to paint.  Highly unlikely I will ever cut my ear off.


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18 Responses to Insight.

  1. Yes, I can imagine it’s very difficult to replicate that gorgeous chestnut shade. There is a very good resemblance though. Your dad sounds like my sister. She lives to paint.

  2. Arkenaten says:

    But you miss the entire point – the painting is as much about you, the artist as it is the subject.
    It must look like a ‘Footsy’ painting. And it does! There would be no point in a Constable looking like a Monet. I have told you before, your style is unique. Even your reluctance to paint is part of that style, as odd as that may sound.
    If I have an Amanda Fieldgate original then I want it took look like one. The horse looks smashing.

    • footsy2 says:

      Dear Ark – bless you. You can always talk sense (not about God, of course, but that is something else :-). Problem is I WANT to paint like Stubbs (in this case). Anyhoo, the recipient of the painting seems thrilled and I get happy making people happy :-).

      • Arkenaten says:

        I understand, truly I do. I always wanted to play guitar like Jimi Hendrix – or at least make a reasonable impression performing his music. And I read Pratchett and can only dream!

        They say imitation is the highest form of flattery? Maybe in your quest to emulate Stubbs, you will find your own indelible style along the way? To the artistically handicapped such as me, you already have, by the way.
        I guess it’s all about self confidence and acceptance. And I know that Oh, donlt i just!

        All I know is I have two of your paintings and am a very lucky bloke.

  3. Gunta says:

    Good news about the ear! O_o

  4. colonialist says:

    It looks finished and totally admirable to me. Any camera with a good quality lens can produce the minute details of hairs and swirls. What you have done is to translate the essence into one of your typical artworks. Don’t sell yourself short!

  5. libraschild says:

    Does explain your talent – from your father! HAH! I can say with confidence I have a footie original! we may be moving house and i will finally be able to frame it out and give it an appropriate piece of wall if so

  6. Solveig says:

    Mandy, you are amazing – love your painting and your writing. Please don’t ever stop, keep going girl you are an inspiration!!! Lotsa love

    • footsy2 says:

      Great to see you here Sol. And thank you for the compliments. You guys are the real inspiration – love following your travels. Lotsa love to you too. Mandy

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