Stormy weather

I’m following other bloggers blogs with pure envy. Johannesburg, Florida, Spain – anywhere that the sun shines. Our weather is simply awful and I haven’t set foot in the garden in weeks. Currently we have winds up to 85 miles an hour, according to the weather bureau. My sister, who lives in Florida tells me this is not a storm. It is, according to her, a hurricane. (An hurricane?) In America, anything with winds over 70 m.p.h. is definitely a hurricane. I guess the Brits are terrified of frightening the populace, sending them into a frenzy of evacuation (where could we go I wonder – such a little island) and will continue to play the weather down to keep us all sedated.

Whatever. We continue, with trepidation, to brave falling trees and feed the birds. I am still on my mission to capture every bird that visits and have a few new pics to post.   The wrens are delightful but difficult to spot and almost impossible to photograph.  Little wretches will not sit still.   This isn’t even my photograph – TL managed to snap it when I wasn’t around.   But it qualifies for my list as they are customers.

Wren 2



Wren 1

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23 Responses to Stormy weather

  1. Tan cute. Plenty of sunny Spanish pix on my blog. You must miss it.

  2. Lovely photos, footsy. I hope your weather behaves itself better when I get to Mud Island on the 21st. 🙂

    • footsy2 says:

      One can only hope. We head off to the North on the 21st and the weather is always worse there!! But the odds are on a white Christmas. should offer photo ops if nothing else 🙂

  3. Pussycat44 says:

    I don’t envy you your weather, but heat and drought are not pleasant either. We’re wishing for a good, soaking rain that lasts about three days. Judging by the lack of birds in our gardens, they feel the same.

  4. Gunta says:

    We have had rain squalls rolling in one after the other here and we’re mighty grateful for them after the drought we had. It doesn’t hurt that there are sunny spots between the storms. Luckily it doesn’t get cold enough for water to freeze. It’s nice that you’re watching out for the feathered population. There’s just something about the tiny birds that makes them nearly impossible to capture. They’re just so darned ACTIVE! 😉

  5. Ruth2Day says:

    they are very cute birdies. I was watching the UK weather on SKY news, looks horrendous! Keep safe and dry

  6. Arkenaten says:

    The drought is that bad that veggies have almost doubled in price and in some shops there is a bit of a shortage.
    We heard from one of the clients that Cambridge is flooded! Had my tonsils out at Cambridge hospital.

    • footsy2 says:

      Not a happy memory – tonsils, altho depends on how old you were! I was under the impression the drought had broken. Maybe just in my old happy hunting ground – Vrystaat.

      • Arkenaten says:

        Cannot remember how old I was. I have a vague recollection of ice -cream.

        Rained a couple of times here, but not the usual Joburg rain. We are melting in this heat.

  7. libraschild says:

    Is that a wren? cute little so and so, TL did a great job capturing it. you ever closer to the capital soon? its less windy due to all the buildings and it would be nice to see you

    • footsy2 says:

      Off to Leeds for Christmas shortly – but back in the NY. We will get together one of these days :-). … Yup, it’s a wren – difficult enough to spot, let alone photograph.

  8. colonialist says:

    Nice picture of Jenny – I have a theory that for birds of that size the secret is to choose a spot where they’re not, and click. One might get lucky. The spot where they are always produces a blur or a singular lack of bird.

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