2nd childhood?

Hola bloggies.

I have had S.A.D. (I think).   Six weeks of gale force winds and rain.   Today, no wind and occasional sunshine.   (Still bloody freezing, but who cares).  The snow drops are blossoming.  Amazing what a bit of light can do -I may survive :-).

I have not precisely wasted the winter.   I painted ( a little).David's trees

It was a commission of sorts. (read ‘gift’ – friend needed trees for an empty wall).

Nothing scares me more than boredom.   Winter in the UK is extremely boring.  So I acquired a doll house – somewhat bashed about, and just a shell, it was donated to the charity shop where I work.  I bought it and undertook to refurbish, then, when complete, will donate it back – and maybe raffle it?


The ‘refurbishment’ has involved endless hours of fiddly activity.   I have rules.  I must either make everything myself, or find whatever from charity shops – i.e. do not spend real money!


I have made furniture from bits of wood, foam sponges, scraps of fabric, dominos and small treasures unearthed in charity shops.  I have modeled fruit and veges, baskets and bowls from clay.  I have  created oriental carpets from table mats and coloured them in with koki pens.   I have sewn tiny cushions and painted pictures on them.   I have been extremely lucky and what I couldn’t possibly make myself (the loo, etc.) have simply appeared –  donated!

It’s not finished yet – I am currently attempting to tile the bathroom – and a nightmare it is.  Big mistake – but I shall persevere.  I broke down and bought the little lamps!  They are led lights, intended for reading but work perfectly.   Oh happy day (£2 each :-))  I have unearthed tiny jars and filled them with herbs.  I have made tiny pots and pans.   I think I have lost my mind…..DSCF9670DSCF9671DSCF9494DSCF9664

It is almost done and soon I shall have to part with my toy.

I need little mirrors and can’t find any!   They will turn up.

So.  What next?   Maybe Spain.





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18 Responses to 2nd childhood?

  1. Gunta says:

    Goodness! Some little girl is going to be over the moon with that wonderfully creative dollhouse. I suspect it will be a bit hard to give it up. What a love you are! ❤

  2. colonialist says:

    That is one really luck friend! The wall is going to become a focal point.
    You CAN”T get rid of that dollhouse work of art! Keep it to play with! (I’d join you now that it doesn’t matter a toss what people would say at me playing with such a thing. I always envied the little girls but didn’t want to be looked at strangely.)

  3. Wow!! Love the paintings, and your dolls’ house is absolutely phenomenal. I could happily move in there. 😀 Well done! ❤

  4. libraschild says:

    you MADE the fruit and veg???
    i’m sure something will turn up for the mirror (some compact or something)
    in a worst case scenario go visit superdrug and ask for a loyalty card and cut it up. it has a reflective surface. always wondered why til I saw someone using it to do her make up on the train!
    our tree has found a safe home on the bookshelf by itself pending a proper piece of wall agreed by all parties

    • footsy2 says:

      Yup. I sure did make the fruit and veg. They are easy peasy. Made some books for the bookshelf – they were awful and I had to bin them. Still haven’t found mirrors – will take your advice and call on Superdrug.

      • libraschild says:

        mad completely MAD or you could just use tin foil or something i suppose. the backside of a cadbury wrapper? when are we going to meet in blighty?

  5. Arkenaten says:

    Good grief. This doll’s house is simply stunning.

    But paintings! THE PAINTINGS!!!

    I nearly choked when I opened the blog.

    They are brilliant.

  6. Having a problem leaving my comment so you may get this twice or not at all!
    We always love reading your blog but must comment. You’ve managed to take care of your boredom by two amazing activities. The stunning doll house and your wonderful paintings of our favourite subjects. Our love of trees is one of the reasons we travel

    • footsy2 says:

      Yippee – your comment is here. And yes, trees are amazing. Have been without internet for a while (Spain) but will get back to your blog a.s.a.p. Love to you both. Mxxx

  7. cocoaupnorth says:

    I somehow missed this delightful post! Love your paintings, the trees are charming. But the doll house takes centre stage. A lovely way to beat boredom, indeed:)

  8. Great job! It is beautiful and some little girl will love it….I have a question, I am not getting my emails re new blogs up from you guys so what is going on…do you know what is going on?

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