Happy birthday to me!

It’s not quite my birthday yet….. not here in Florida, USA at any rate.   It’s only 9.30’ish. (I’m on holiday).  But it’s my birthday in Australia, and it’s two hours into my birthday in my home country, England.   I know this because Face Book has just told me so and the happy birthday messages have started arriving.   So I thought I might pour myself a Mexican liquor (which happens to be available) called ‘Caffe Lolita’ and start celebrating :-).   Caffe Lolita is actually quite delicious although the name is not exactly appropriate.  I’ve finally made it to three score and ten and the rest is all icing on the cake?

I didn’t plan to blog about my birthday.   What I did want to waffle on about is the advantages of being a smoker.    (Shock, Gasp, Horror).

It is heading for mid summer in Florida and in case you didn’t know it, it’s as hot as hell and the humidity is unbearable.   We move from air conditioned homes into air conditioned motor vehicles into air conditioned shopping malls and air conditioned restaurants.   To step out of doors, is akin to opening a furnace door, and nobody in their right mind does it.   Except a considerate smoker, i.e. me – who has no wish to pollute the air and contaminate my wonderful hosts and their beautiful home.

If I didn’t feel the need to escape every so often (with my cigarettes AND my camera) I would never have seen :

This stunning fellow.

dragon 2


Or the Jay with a bad hair day.

fiddler crab

A Fiddler crab who without help, wouldn’t have made it out of the pool.


Erm… Horace, the Harmless (?) or so I’m told….

moma racoon

Or Momma Racoon

.racoons 1

and her two hopeful babies.

Painted bunting

To say nothing of this beauty.

Mine hosts have no idea what a paradise they are living in – and all because they never step outside.














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19 Responses to Happy birthday to me!

  1. Pussycat44 says:

    Happy Birthday! I’ll be three score and twelve next month. Don’t know how I managed to get there ! BTW Smokers are the most sociable people 🙂

  2. Arkenaten says:

    Three score and ten, eh? And still a looker!
    Sometimes I miss a cigarette so badly… Sigh …. c’est le vie.

    Hope you have the most marvelous of birthdays dear Footsy. x

    • footsy2 says:

      Thanks Ark – I ate way too much – but my excuse is I am on a mission to sample all the deep South specialities just in case I never get another opportunity. BTW I had a friend who narrowly escaped being killed in the plane crash – he said that at the time it was happening all he could think of was “Thank God I never gave up smoking!” :-).

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  4. Tish Farrell says:

    Have a great day – whatever the time 🙂

  5. Great Floris nature photos, footsy. Happy 70th birthday to you. I’m not a smoker but I step outside quite often in pursuit of my Iggys. 🙂

  6. libraschild says:

    happy happybirthday footy!
    have am amazing one… (isnt another day also out in Florida somewhere?)

  7. Solveig says:

    Oooh Mandy just love your blogs!!!! Could not agree more about the smoking bit, I meet the most interesting people outside having a drag! !! Lotsa love from Africa

    • footsy2 says:

      Smokers Unite! I agree. Have met marvelous people would never have encountered if I didn’t duck out every now and then. Vicki remembers you and Ian well and sends love to you both :-).

  8. Ruth2Day says:

    hope you had a great holiday and are having a wonderful holiday.

  9. colonialist says:

    Hope you had a great b’day. You certainly made the best of those smoke breaks! Gorgeous and fascinating critters.

  10. I missed this post. A belated Happy Birthday. You caught some great shots!

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