Cat Speak


Hola Bloggies.    No, I am not in Spain now -( two weeks holiday planned) but habits die hard.   And yes, it is many moons since I blogged.   I’ve never been very good at repeating myself and unless there is something extra special going on or I have a photograph I can’t resist sharing, the urge to rabbit on has simply gone.   But I’m still here, it’s still freezing cold, and no news is good news!

I do however try to keep up with the blogs and follow my buddies.   And find something to blog about very occasionally.

So here goes.

If you cast your minds back, some of you may remember a time when I blogged religiously, every day – and lived under avos in a beat up old camper van in Spain.   We acquired rescue animals.  Lots of.  They simply attached themselves to us and stayed.  Until we departed.

Katta was feral and pretty well starving.   She moved in, grew fat and semi domesticated. She also produced six kittens, which we dutifully found good homes for – and, much to her panic and shock, carted her off to the vet one fine day, and had her spayed.   It was the least we could do.  When we returned to the UK, Katta stayed under the avos, much loved and spoiled by the remaining lovely campers.

We visited our happy camp site last year (the best of friends are still there) and went hunting for Katta.   Discovered her hanging out with a bunch of feline buddies – fat and happy, fast asleep in the shade of a glorious yellow hibiscus.

Four years since I had seen her.  Didn’t really think she would remember me, but called anyway.  ‘Katta!’

And up she got, and languidly strolled towards me.  No eye contact at all.  No weaving around ankles. No vocal greeting.  But, at my feet, she rolled on the gravel, stretched, rolled over again, and again. and again.   Never looked at me once.

Cat speak for ‘I remember you happily’?   I think so.

Seeya, sooner or later. xxx





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16 Responses to Cat Speak

  1. Aaw…….that’s such a lovely share, footsy. 😍

  2. colonialist says:

    Cat speak for, ‘I remember you with love.’ No eye contact? That means, ‘and, no, I don’t need you to feed me.’

  3. libraschild says:

    well thats about as much as you can expect from a cat isn’t it! fab snippet footy!

  4. Gunta says:

    Seems she remembers the one who hauled her off to be spayed! Perhaps all is forgiven? 😀

  5. libraschild says:

    idiotic me
    just realised your header is a painting of her!

  6. colonialist says:

    Undoubtedly that is the gist of the cat-speak, except that it includes, ‘I love, trust and respect you.’

  7. colonialist says:

    Sent you an email on 1st — don’t know if it is to the right address or maybe it has gone to junk mail?

    • footsy2 says:

      Hi Col. Finally revisited the blog (by accident) and found this message. Could you redirect your email to please. I have changed my email addy…. Got overwhelmingly bored with my blog but didn’t have the heart to unfollow all the bloggers that I do love dearly so just ran away!!

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