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Cat Speak

Hola Bloggies.    No, I am not in Spain now -( two weeks holiday planned) but habits die hard.   And yes, it is many moons since I blogged.   I’ve never been very good at repeating myself and unless there is … Continue reading

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The clocks went back last weekend.   It’s creepy having the light disappear by 3 p.m. If I could I would hibernate, literally, and wake up in April 2017.   Hmm.  I might even shed a few kilos instead of piling … Continue reading

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Mini Mob

Way back when Letterdash, our original South African blog site operated, Meetings of Bloggers were big.   The lovely Libra’s Child and I managed a mini mob a couple of weeks ago.  It’s five years or so since we last met … Continue reading

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Harmless Horace and me.

I was raised in Africa, in a city and never encountered a snake until, in midlife, moved to a farm with snakes.  Fight or flight?   Forget it.  Run yelling ‘snake snake’ and let some one else deal with it regardless.   … Continue reading

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Living dangerously

Life has been a tad dull since I returned from Florida  – reclaiming my garden from an army of slugs has been a priority – and finding the will to get back to work. Day 1 back at the shop … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to me!

It’s not quite my birthday yet….. not here in Florida, USA at any rate.   It’s only 9.30’ish. (I’m on holiday).  But it’s my birthday in Australia, and it’s two hours into my birthday in my home country, England.   … Continue reading

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Justifications of Colonialism

Originally posted on libraschild:
I did an obscure English module on African literature. One of the books was Heart of Darkness, which was not really ‘African’ but boring as hell and written from a white patriarchal viewpoint. This was followed…

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An Evil Weevil.

The only weevils I have come across in the past have been those little brown numbers that turned up from time to time in the porridge at boarding school.   If we dared complain we were told they were an excellent … Continue reading

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2nd childhood?

Hola bloggies. I have had S.A.D. (I think).   Six weeks of gale force winds and rain.   Today, no wind and occasional sunshine.   (Still bloody freezing, but who cares).  The snow drops are blossoming.  Amazing what a bit of light can … Continue reading

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Hola Bloggies. I made a single resolution this year. To ALWAYS have fresh flowers.  I should like to have added that they should be stolen from neighbour’s gardens – but I wouldn’t stick to it.  Not quite mad enough yet … Continue reading

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